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As we prepare for the installation of our new marquee, we have exposed the structural steel which has supported our magnificent signs for over 90 years. We expect our new marquee to last about 40 years, so some time around 2060 this steel will be exposed once again. This isn’t a hunk of weathered steel… it’s a time capsule suspended over the sidewalk.

After we prime and paint the steel,but before the marquee is installed, we will stencil your message in a 8″ by 12″ box for future generations to discover. Only 22 spaces are available to start, so reserve yours quickly!

Landmark Theatre staff are pitching in for the first message in memory of Eli Harris who spent so many hours underneath the marquee entertaining patrons as they left the the theatre.

  • We will have a very narrow window to apply stencils between steel painting and marquee installation. We must have designs or messaging in hand  by July 31;
  • Please remember that Salina Street is a highly trafficked street. We will not permit messages with offensive language or personal attacks;
  • We can provide the stencil material to you for you to design or will stencil a message for you;
  • Messages will be spray painted in white once the steel is prepped and painted;
  • Messages will not be visible once the marquee installation is complete, but they will be discovered when the marquee needs to be replaced.

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