Broadway at the Landmark

Blue Man Group opens at the Landmark Theatre on Thursday, March 12th, and we are expecting large crowds, so we wanted to provide some helpful tips for before the show, for when you arrive, during the show, and after the show.

Before the Show

Don’t forget to bring your tickets! Make sure you have any Print at Home tickets printed out with a clean bar code. If you have your tickets on your mobile phone, please check that you can access them easily. We recommend taking a screenshot of your tickets so that you can access them throughout the theatre. We do not recommend sending these screenshots to others.

Don’t forget to double-check the date and time on your tickets to make sure they’re for the right show! Guests who arrive at the wrong performance will not be admitted.

The Box Office and Will Call are located to the left of our Salina Street entrance as you face the theatre, under the brown sign titled “Box Office” hanging from the awning. If you need to purchase or pick up your tickets, you should stop here first. Remember, everyone who attends the show-regardless of age or whether they’ll be sitting in their own seat-needs a ticket. If you are picking up tickets at Will Call, please have a photo ID as well as the credit card used to purchase the tickets.

Plan on a little extra time to make your way through traffic and find parking, especially if this is your first time attending a show at the Landmark Theatre. There will be a lot of people with the same destination as you! The Downtown Committee maintains a great list of parking lots and garages.

If you’re making dinner plans downtown, we recommend you get your reservations in early, and plan for a busy night at the restaurant!


Arriving at the Landmark

When you visit the Landmark Theatre, our first priority is your care and safety. To that end, please be aware in advance of our standard security measures for all events at our theatre. Backpacks, oversized bags, outside food and beverage,* and weapons of any kind are not permitted in the building. Also, upon entry, bags and coats must be open and ready for inspection by our security team. Thank you for your cooperation!

*Exceptions may be made for patrons with medical needs; please speak with security when you arrive.

There is a no re-entry policy for this show. Patrons who opt to leave at any other time before or during the performance may not be permitted back into the theatre.

Doors to the theatre will open one hour before the time on your ticket. We hope to be able to open the doors to the auditorium 30 minutes before the time on your ticket. If you’re planning to stop for a snack at our concession stands, to visit the merchandise booth, or to use the restrooms, we highly recommend arriving early. We have a large theatre and it will take you time to find your seat.

Please note: There will be women’s restrooms on all three floors of the theatre. Men’s restrooms can be found on the main and second floors. 

Our concession stands have a selection of mixed drinks, wine, beer, soda, and water, and a variety of candy, cookies, and crackers. We will have multiple registers on all three floors of the theatre.  Please note that coffee is available on the main floor only. We do accept credit cards; however, momentary disruptions in credit card processing have been known to occur. We do have an ATM on site near the main floor restrooms. Looking for the membership lounge? It’s located on the second floor in the musicians gallery, directly above the Salina Street entrance.

Not sure where your seats are? If you’re in the loge or balcony (listed as “LOGE” or “BALC,” respectively, on your tickets), head up the stairs when you arrive. We have restrooms and concession stands there. If you’re in the orchestra (abbreviated as “ORCH” on your tickets), we will have aisle numbers listed next to each of the three main doors. Don’t forget: you can always ask a member of the Landmark Theatre staff or an usher for assistance. We highly recommend finding your seats as early as possible. There will be a seating hold at the start of the show, and we don’t want you to have to wait in the lobbies with us!

Please note: There is an elevator to the second floor and basement lobbies. There is no elevator to the loge or balcony seating and patrons will be required to use stairs to reach their seats.

If you need any special assistance, please notify your ticket taker and they will get you the help you need. Assistive listening devices will be available at the main floor concession stand; please let one of our ushers know if you need one and they’ll be happy to help.


During the Show

Please take the time to identify the nearest emergency exit before the show begins.

Out of respect for the performers and the guests in your area, please turn your cell phones to silent or off and refrain from talking during the performance.

The performance begins promptly at the time listed on your ticket and lasts approximately 75 minutes with no intermission. There will be a seating hold, during which time entry will not be permitted into the auditorium. There will be monitors in the lobby so you may watch what is happening on stage if you need to wait in the lobby, but we highly recommend arriving early and taking your seats in advance so as not to miss any portion of the show.

Please note: flash photography is prohibited during this performance.

While this Blue Man Group production is friendly for the whole family, please note it features loud music, bright lighting, strobe lights, haze, and other atmospheric effects. Please also be aware that there are moments of audience participation and that certain physical elements of the show, including paint and other non-toxic materials, may reach some members of the audience.


After the Show

We ask that guests leave the auditorium after the final curtain call so we can begin the process of getting ready for the next show! Please check your seat and the surrounding area to make sure you haven’t left anything behind. If you do lose something, check with an usher or member of our staff on your way out, or call the box office at (315) 475-7979 between 10 am-5 pm, Monday through Friday.

Traffic will also be heavier than average on your way home. Please travel safely!


Planning Your Visit

We have resources here for you to arrange for hotels, parking, restaurants, and more!

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